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Lazy Person

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Scientists have proven that there are

638277648945 people in the world who are too lazy .......




to read the above number.

And you are one of them!

Stop smiling now! :-D


I am Fantastic

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lf people drink Alchol they are called Alcholoic
. so, i drink fanta. am i fantastic?


Angry Boss

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Angry Boss: Have u ever seen a stupid-idiot-fool?
Employee: (looking down) No, Sir...
Boss: Don't look down.
Look at me!!!


Gas Khud banaoo

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Besan Ke Pakode Me Heeng Daal ke Khao
Mooli ke Paratho ka luft uthao
Papad kha ke Hawaban Harde Chabao

6 Gas Cylender Govt. degi
Baki ki Gas khud banaoo

Janhit me jaari....... :)



Petrol Price Hike Joke SMS

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May God increase your happiness like Prices of Petrol,
and decrease your sorrows like clothes of Bipasha Basu.


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